Lenovo YUM Repository

Targeted Server Family (Machine Type): System x3650 M5 (5462)
Targeted Operating System: RHEL7.2
YUM Repository Build Date: 2018_09_19
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Suggested usage directions:
1) Create a RHEL7.2 YUM repository configuration file named:

Suggested file contents:

name=Lenovo YUM Updates Repository
#baseurl={repository url: http://, file://}/x3650-M5_5462/RHEL7.2/
Additional information on baseurl= entry:
The url of this html page is typically the url required in this entry
2) Download/install Public Signing Key


Download key - Two opitions (choose only one):
Option 1 (Prefered, most secure - Download key from lenovo.com)
#curl https://download.lenovo.com/servers_pdf/RPM-GPG-KEY-LenovoYUM2018 > RPM-GPG-KEY-LenovoYUM2018

Option 2 (Less secure - Install key from stored within Repository)
#curl {uri from repos creation step}/repodata/RPM-GPG-KEY-LenovoYUM2018 > RPM-GPG-KEY-LenovoYUM2018

#gpg --quiet --with-fingerprint ./RPM-GPG-KEY-LenovoYUM2018
Expected Output:
pub  4096R/9E6FE192 2017-12-05 Lenovo Data Center Group Software Repository 2018 Key <yum_support@lenovo.com>
      Key fingerprint = BF02 345C 017D D421 40C4  66DA C0A1 E8A5 9E6F E192

#rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-LenovoYUM2018

#cp RPM-GPG-KEY-LenovoYUM2018 /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/
3) Install/Update


Initial INSTALL of updated drivers for specific device:
#yum groupinstall deviceid
Find the deviceid for supported device below, muliple deviceid can be specified

Initial INSTALL of updated drivers for ALL supported devices:
#yum groupinstall LenovoUpdates

Install specific rpm:
#yum install rpm_name
Specific rpms associated to specific devices are listed below, muliple rpms can be specified in single command

After install of deviceid groups(s) or rpm(s), use:
#yum update
after configuring server to use update repository

Where specified in table below, device firmware must be updated to suggested levels
SystemX LOM Part Number: NA
deviceid: 17AA400E
Required Firmware Update Package: brcm-lnvgy_fw_nic_nx1x-
Applicable RPM: kmod-tg3-3.137q-1.rhel7u2.x86_64.rpm
N2215 SAS/SATA HBA Part Number: 47C8675
Applicable RPM: kmod-mpt3sas-
Intel X550-T2 Dual Port 10GBase-T Adapter Part Number: 00MM860
deviceid: 80860022
Intel X710 2x10GbE SFP+ Adapter for IBM System x Part Number: 01DA900
deviceid: 8086000A
Intel X520-DA2 Dual Port 10GbE SFP+ Adapter for IBM System x Part Number: 49Y7960
deviceid: 80867A12
Intel X540-T2 Dual Port 10GBase-T Adapter for IBM System x Part Number: 49Y7970
deviceid: 8086001A
Inbox Driver Supported

Repository RPM Listing
RPM file NameRPMdb NameRPM version
RPM release
kmod-mpt3sas- kmod-mpt3sas 5 mpt3sas kernel module(s)
kmod-tg3-3.137q-1.rhel7u2.x86_64.rpm kmod-tg3 3.137q 1.rhel7u2 tg3 kernel module(s)

Lenovo Service and Support:

  • IBM is Lenovo's preferred service provider for Lenovo Hardware and YUM repository. Through IBM Support Line, you can get telephone assistance, for a fee, with usage, configuration, and software problems with your Lenovo products.
  • Your local Support Line can be found from https://datacentersupport.lenovo.com/us/en/SupportPhoneList
  • Please contact the service provider via above phone number, and choose hardware support.
  • The information needed to open a support ticket is your machine type, model and serial number.
  • You also can submit a Service Request from https://datacentersupport.lenovo.com/ , look under "Contact US" heading and then click on the "Submit a Service Request" button.
  • The YUM repository Service Provider provides local language, in-country support 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. For critical (Severity 1) production system impacts, they have a call out procedure 24x7

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