Lenovo YUM Repository

Targeted Server Family (Machine Type): ThinkSystem SR650 (7X05, 7X06)
Targeted Operating System: RHEL7.4
YUM Repository Build Date: 2019_04_23

YUM Repository Release Version: 19A

 This Server supports Out of Band Firmware Updates (Learn More)

Lenovo Hosted YUM Repository Configration Information

Lenovo Hosted Base URL: https://linux.lenovo.com/yum/2019_04/SR650_7X05_7X06/RHEL7.4

Lenovo Authenticity Security Key Download: https://download.lenovo.com/servers_pdf/LenovoDCG_publickey4096b2019
Key Fingerprint:
pub  4096R/3FB898C9 2018-10-22 Lenovo Data Center Group Software Repository 2019 Public Key <dcgrepos@lenovo.com>       Key fingerprint = 6382 8830 9E18 493A 6D85  BE49 D112 38B9 3FB8 98C9

How to use Lenovo Linux YUM Device Driver Bundles

Supported Device Listing (Links to supported firmware/driver version information)
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