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Bundle Release Information:
Targeted Server Family (Machine Type): ThinkSystem SR635 (7Y98, 7Y99)
Targeted Operating System: RHEL8.5
YUM Repository Build Date: 2022_06_10

YUM Repository Release Version: 22B

ThinkSystem QLogic QL41134 PCIe 10Gb 4-Port Base-T Ethernet Adapter

Device Product Guide

Part Number: 4XC7A08225
Feature Code: na
PCIe Sub Vendor ID: 0x1077
PCIe Sub Device ID: 0x0035

Release History:

Release Change History Documents

QLogic FastLinQ Ethernet Adapter Firmware Update for Linux (For Linux)

QLogic (R) Corporation Firmware Update Utility for Lenovo servers.

See readme for a list of changes

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